Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Owl

Well this is not at all the way I wanted this card to turn out but I just ran out of time on Sunday - the deadline for getting the weekly letter out to the family.  First of all the paper was supposed to be candy corn but I couldn't find card stock and coordinating paper for the owl's vest.  The owl was supposed to be on a pumpkin but I couldn't find a die cut for one and didn't have any creativity for creating one.  So this funky looking sunburst was the best I could find.  Kind of looks like a mutated orange spider, huh?!

Oh well, at least I was able to get him to jiggle which was the whole intent.  Remember my pledge - a jiggly owl card for every major holiday this year.  Here's a reminder of the St Patty's Day and 4th of July cards which I have to say are much, much cuter.  I'll be sure to start alot earlier on the jiggly Thanksgiving owl card.  Now how am I going to make him look like a turkey??  :-)