Friday, July 11, 2014

Finish Line

Here's a little sneak peek of a scrapbook page I've been working on for some time now.  I'm determined I'm going to make it to the Finish Line and get 'er done this weekend!  Check back in on Monday to see how I did.

Looking forward to playing hooky this afternoon and going to Memory Lane for Betty's alcohol ink class.

And Val, really looking forward to our Melting Pot class tomorrow!  Are pot holders required?! :-)

Hope you have a good weekend.

P.S.  Good luck to all my friends who are running their first half-marathon in the Missoula Marathon on Sunday.  Crossing that Finish Line will feel great I'm sure!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fun with Washi Tape

I have absolutely no idea how I stumbled on this blog with a fun idea for using washi tape but I just had to share it.

This idea is from this really cool book that just seems loaded with cool projects - all using washi tape!

Here's the link to it on Amazon where you can "Look Inside" at a bunch of pages with some really cool project ideas.  I may just have to put this on my Wish List.

Hope you have fun browsing!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ready to Go

Remember during one of our "Show & Tell" sessions, the handmade craft carrier my Aunt Shirley gave me for Christmas?  Well here it is all ready to go.  I took a few of my half finished card projects and loaded them into the baggie sections with all the supplies I needed to finish the projects.

It looks a little overstuffed but it sure seems like it will be nice and convenient for those nights I want to grab a project and work in the living room or for an evening at the shop with my Gal Pals.  Love all the different size baggies.  Can't believe how many projects it holds.  Can't believe how many unfinished projects I have!! :-(

Monday, July 7, 2014

Lo-o-o-o-ng Weekend

Cricut Man was gone this weekend.  He's been in Denver bringing up the State of Colorado on their new administrative systems.  Can't begin to tell you how much I miss him.  I've discovered "Party-For-One" time is only fun when done in short bursts - not so much fun when it drags on for 2 weeks.  

But enough complaining!  I tried to fill up the long holiday weekend with catching up on things around the house and crafting.

Spent the 4th having some fun with my neighbor family.  Great ribs from the smoker and lots and lots of wonderful side dishes and desserts.  Made a really cute hostess gift for Marilyn - a patriotic inspired candy box full of M&M's.  Forgot to photograph it but here's another I made from all the leftover scraps for Cricut Man's desk.  Hope he likes it.  Notice on the 2nd pic that on one side I used accounting ledger paper just for him :-)

I wanted to put some ribbon trim around the box lid but didn't have any blue that was just the right color.  So Distress Ink to the rescue.  Rubbed a little Brushed Corduroy on a bright blue polka dot ribbon and presto-magic! I had navy blue.

Had just a few little scraps left and couldn't let them go to waste so here's another little 2x2 box just for me.  Nice and simple.

All in all a great way to pass the time on a husband-less Saturday night.  Hope your long weekend was a good one too.  Can't wait to here all about it.  Hopefully Wednesday night will work for catching up with the Gal Pals!  See you soon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

6x6 Template

Had tons of fun making this year's 4th of July card.  While surfing this weekend found a really cool idea for using 6x6 paper pads.  It's kind of like that template for getting 10 cards from 1 piece of patterned paper.

You take 6 different papers from a 6x6 paper pad and use 1 of 2 templates to make the cuts.  From those cuts you arrange the pieces to make 6 different cards.  Here's an example of the templates:

And here's the link to blog to see more of the process and the resulting cards.  Way cool, huh?!

So I took this paper pad - one that I bought when we were on our Gal Pals road trip to Ben Franklin all those years ago.  It was just perfect for the 4th of July.  

And I picked one of the card designs from Template 2.  I didn't do the little banner pieces as I was running short on time and didn't add the brads because of the postage issue but I still loved how it turned out.

The "Let Freedom Ring" sentiment was from a My Digital Studio stamp set called "Red, White & Blue".  Just love the new version of MDS and the tool that lets you color different parts of the stamp.

I didn't have an oval punch that fit the sentiment so I did some serious math and figured out how to size and place an oval on Cricut Craftroom to cut them out.  My toys really got a work out with this one!