Monday, July 7, 2014

Lo-o-o-o-ng Weekend

Cricut Man was gone this weekend.  He's been in Denver bringing up the State of Colorado on their new administrative systems.  Can't begin to tell you how much I miss him.  I've discovered "Party-For-One" time is only fun when done in short bursts - not so much fun when it drags on for 2 weeks.  

But enough complaining!  I tried to fill up the long holiday weekend with catching up on things around the house and crafting.

Spent the 4th having some fun with my neighbor family.  Great ribs from the smoker and lots and lots of wonderful side dishes and desserts.  Made a really cute hostess gift for Marilyn - a patriotic inspired candy box full of M&M's.  Forgot to photograph it but here's another I made from all the leftover scraps for Cricut Man's desk.  Hope he likes it.  Notice on the 2nd pic that on one side I used accounting ledger paper just for him :-)

I wanted to put some ribbon trim around the box lid but didn't have any blue that was just the right color.  So Distress Ink to the rescue.  Rubbed a little Brushed Corduroy on a bright blue polka dot ribbon and presto-magic! I had navy blue.

Had just a few little scraps left and couldn't let them go to waste so here's another little 2x2 box just for me.  Nice and simple.

All in all a great way to pass the time on a husband-less Saturday night.  Hope your long weekend was a good one too.  Can't wait to here all about it.  Hopefully Wednesday night will work for catching up with the Gal Pals!  See you soon.

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