Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A New Friend

We met a new friend and cardmaker at the shop last week.  She has a beautiful name (and accent) and although I repeated it several times when I met her I can't seem to remember it exactly right now.  I hope our paths will cross again.

She's just starting out in cardmaking and shared this card she made. Isn't it cute?!  She hand cut hearts and folded them for the petals of the flowers.  The one petal falling off is so sweet.  It could be a "Love me, love me not" card or maybe even a "Missing You" card.  I also loved that she turned the orange Candies upside down - a totally fresh perspective.  

That's yet another thing that's so great about hanging out at Memory Lane.  Not only do we get to have our Gal Pal time, we get to meet so many other wonderful women and through sharing, learn new things.

See you there tonight.

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