Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Girl Friends

Happy September Gal Pals!

Way too long away from the blog.  Finally getting around to posting some of the cards I've made this summer.  I just love this Girl Friend line of stamps.  Love the colors of this card.  And especially love the sentiment.

Hope you had a good Labor Day weekend.  Mine was pretty good.  I don't mean to sound ungrateful but it still felt like the weekend was 1 day too short.  Between the Griz Game, yard work and house chores I only ended up with about an hour in the craft room.  Not long enough for sure.

Cricut Man is off today for his first trip out on the new job.  Keep you fingers crossed that all goes as planned he's only traveling part-time and that the work is rewarding for him.

I'm going to skip going to the shop tonight.  I have a few craft things I promised some folks at work so I'm going to take advantage of the "Home Alone" time and focus on getting those done.

Have a good one today.

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