Monday, August 25, 2014

6 Weeks to the Finish Line

Well it's been 6 weeks since the last Gal Pal post - the one where I foolishly boasted that I was going to finish a set of scrapbook pages that I had been working on since the winter.  Can't even remember now what the heck got in my way but I took advantage of the rainy Saturday to really get serious and get them done.

The topic was our 2006 trip to Palm Beach, Florida.  Allan was working on a project there and it was the very beginning of our romantic relationship.  I flew in for what turned out to be a very romantic weekend ;-)

The pages are very full and very busy - more so than I wanted them to be from a design perspective - but in some ways that's very reflective of the weekend.  We did a lot in just 2.5 days.  

I had a hard time putting these pages together.  They seemed so personal and I wasn't sure how best to tell the story.  The emotions and intimacy of that weekend made me feel a little vulnerable as I knew the pages would be in our Travel scrapbook album.  Earlier in the year I purchased the Romantic Scrapbooking Class from Paperclipping - which also hosts the weekly scrapbooking podcast I've been listening to.  It helped a lot to normalize those feelings and figure out how to move forward with telling our story.

I think now that I have this one behind me, the rest will follow a little more easily.

Here's a few close ups of each page and the 6x12 page insert I used to journal the story and store the ephemera from the trip.  I used lots of old paper scraps and embellishments so that felt really good.  I'm almost done with my reorganization project - another that's been 8 months in the making.  Hopefully I can get some of those pictures posted soon and share what I've been up to in the Coastal Craft Room :-)

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