Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Baby" Noah

I wanted to share with you another album page I made with the most recent pictures of Allan's grandson, Baby Noah - not such a baby anymore.    It’s a pretty “clean and simple” page.   I loved doing it.  But it made we realize how far behind I am with creating pages for some of the pictures his parents post each month.  That’s me though. . . so many fun ideas but not much time to bring them all to life :-(. 
Working on scrapbook pages always gives me the time to think about the person I’m scrapbooking.  So I had plenty of time to think about . . .”I wonder what he’s like?. . .I wonder what makes him giggle. . .  what’s his favorite toy right now?. . . .what we’ll he be like when he’s all grown up?”  He’s a beautiful boy and it will be fun watching him grow.  I'm so thankful that Natasha and Cameron have been so good about posting pictures each month on Shutterfly.  It makes us feel a part of things even though we’re so many miles away.
P.S.  Staci - those red, white and blue "candies" really came in handy for this page, don't ya' think?!

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