Friday, September 7, 2012

Silly, Silly Me

This post goes out to Debbie and Val.  I'm finally getting around to posting that silly YouTube video I was telling you about - the one where I had my sock monkey puppet on and did a little message to the University of Virginia student that was helping us with the Prerequisite Enforcement Project at work.

Now before you watch it, there's a little explaining to do.  The Prereq Project is one where we are setting up mathematical type rules in the computer system to make sure when students register the system will stop them if they haven't taken the right courses yet.  So the rules use a lot of parenthesis and hence the puppet's name Left Paren ("LP").  We gave our student worker a puppet similar to this one but his name is Right Paren.  Get it?  Silly I know - but we just had to blow off some steam some how.

After watching this and also remembering the little improv I did in the shop with my Love Monster finger puppets, I'm sure you're thinking I probably need to seek some professional help for my puppet fettish!!!

Happy Friday!  Wishing you lots of Grins and Giggles.  I'm off to Walla Walla for a little wine tasting trip with Cricut Man.  See ya' next week. 

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