Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Things to Share


Last week at the shop I was telling Val about an online class site I stumbled on which had a free Copic coloring class.  It's a series of 11 e-mails (2 a week it seems) that steps you through the Copic basics from the numbering scheme, to picking out your starter set, to the basic coloring and shading.  So I just thought I'd share the web link in case you're interested.  I can also share the 11 PDF files once I get them all.

And I wanted to make sure you saw the message from Paper Wishes about the free e-book they are offering for metal stencils.  It has a bunch of card ideas and embedded "how to" videos.  Kind of a cool marketing technique.
See you later today at the Holiday Party at 4:00 or the shop at 5:00 (ish)

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