Monday, December 3, 2012

Carpe Diem

After we bought our Memory Box dies last week, I rushed home to Google around and see what people were doing with them.  Oh My Gosh!  the cards on the Pinterest board are just over the top!!!

You've just got to take a little time today on your lunch break and surf around there a little.

Cricut man even made one with my new snow globe die and matching stamp.  Here's a cute sample of what it looks like from another blog. . .
I'll get his mounted on a card and post it soon.  He's decided the Cuttlebug machine is pretty cool.  While he had it out I had him smash 50 bottle caps for the 3 additional Countdown to Christmas frames I'm making this year.  He's now decided the Cuttlebug needs to be renamed to Allan's Smashing Machine :-).  He thinks more guys might be interested in playing with paper if the toys had cool names!

Hope you had a good weekend.  Happy Monday

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