Monday, June 10, 2013

Cricut Man Saves the Day!

I was scrambling yesterday after a weekend's worth of yard work to get the family newsletter written and a card made.  As I finished the letter, in which I told the family about the long "Honey Do List" I had going for Allan, he said. . ."Let's use this list for a card".  Presto! Whammo!  Done! It's kind of cute, huh?!  It will be even cuter to me when all the tasks are done :-)

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Thanks for understanding about my week off of blogging and crafting last week.  Feeling much more energetic and creative heading into this week.  Had a great weekend in the yard.  Things are looking really wonderful.  This is one of those times I'm looking forward to going to work and really thankful for my desk job as my legs and feet and back sure are needing a rest.

Have a great Monday.

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