Tuesday, March 25, 2014


This was my first "stash busting" item submitted to my Gal Pals for review, suggestions and "what-were-you-thinking!" giggles.  Here's some of the great suggestions:
  • Separate the words from the corresponding face - an "Ah-Ha moment for sure! Can't believe I never thought of that!  Geez Julie, you really can color outside the lines if you want to!  There are no paper crafting police!
  • Use the faces as centers to flowers or in place of a letter "O"
  • Use the words as part of your journaling

I've been keeping a Memory Log / Gratitude Journal in my DayTimer - just experimenting with other forms of memory keeping.  Some of the pages I treat like little scrapbook pages (I'll post one of those tomorrow) and some I just doodle on.  So I decided to use one of the Brad-itudes as part of the journal.  I kind of like the splash it gives the page - don't you?

P.S.  Forgot to mention yesterday that I posted a new page on the blog that holds our shared stamp sets and who has what.  Here's the link.  You can get to it from the left-hand side of the page under the "Stamps and Tools to Share" section, the link labeled "Shared Stamps - Who Has What".

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