Monday, October 18, 2010

Thank You X 2

Thank You (part 1) Mona for jumping on our blog and posting one of your cool cards.   I loved it - both the blog entry and the card.  I was talking to my Mom on Thursday night and she was having problems getting to the blog.  So as I was walking her through it I said "What do you see" and she started reading about Megan's boyfriend.  I said "No, I don't think you're on the right site.  Let me get there with you" and then much to my surprise I saw our site with a card I didn't recognize.  I squeeled with delight!!!!  Mom was very impresed with the card.  And Val and I thought we detected a similarality to this month's card sketch??  I think we're in trouble if all of Mona's are this cute.

And the Thank You part 2 is another cute card Mona made me earlier this year.  I love the ribbon, button, border punch and simple sewing on the card.  She's also got such a way with combining color and pattern.

See you tomorrow night for the big reveal of GPS Sketch #2.  Is everyone ready?  We shall see !!!

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