Monday, March 25, 2013

3x3 Crafting


Hi Gal Pals,

Hope you had a good weekend.  I heard it's been snowy and cold.  We had hard, blustery rains here most of the weekend.  Which was fine by me as it made for some really cozy days in the apartment - each of us cuddled up with our crafts.  Although I have to tell you, crafting on half of the 3' x 3' kitchen table in the apartment is quite different than my craft room.  But it's been kind of fun and creatively challenging.

I thought I had done such a good job of packing my craft supplies but I can't believe how much I accidentally left behind - no colored pencils or pens, no sponge.  And this portable Fiskers paper trimmer just stinks!!  Can't get a straight cut on it to save my soul!.  I'm going to remedy that on my next trip to Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

Last post I told you that Mom and I were going to take a bit of a road trip to find the one last independent craft store left in Jacksonville.  It turned out to be a GREAT store.  It's got a bit of an odd name - "A Small Cleverness" but it's just like Memory Lane in that it has supplies for all kinds of papercrafting, not just scrapbooking or card making.  And just like Memory Lane they have a group of about 30 women who are loyal to the store and make for quite an energetic environment.  We sat and talked to a few of them and had some great conversation.

The store is pretty well supplied.  They have an entire wall of Memory Box dies and tons of cool stamps.  I went nuts!  And even though I overspent a little I did keep it under $100 ;)

I was kind of bummed at my planning though because they were actually doing a really, really cool card class with a rep from Impression Obsessions when we arrived.  Man! you should have seen the cool cards they were making featuring their dies and the mega mount background stamps.

And I'm equally bummed that they're having one of the owners from Memory Box dies do a class on the weekend in April that I'll be back in Missoula :( 

But from the looks of their bi-monthly newsletter it looks like I might have some other opportunities for crafting fun.  So in the meantime, I'll be content to craft on my little half of the 3x3 table.

Hope you like this Easter card I made for my Mom's neighbors.  Remember how I thought the black outline Easter egg Dazzles were just not right? - well after making this card I'm thinking maybe they're not so bad after all.  Kind of reminds you of stained glass, huh?

Take good care.  Have a great Monday.  See you next week!

P.S.  Mona - the paper on this card is from a $4 12x12 paper pack from WalMart.  Can you believe it!  Only for Mom would I venture into WalMart :-)

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