Tuesday, March 19, 2013

News Flash-Cricut Man Zentangles

Hi Gal Pals,

Check out what Cricut Man did last night. . . .a Zentangled inchie card! 

This week's family newsletter card was a stretch as I haven't had a chance to do any papercrafting yet.  So I thought it would be fun to do a Zentangle inchie on each card.  As usual, I started late and greatly underestimated the time it would take.  So Cricut Man came to my rescue. 

I asked him after they were all done how he liked Zentangling and after he rubbed his bleary eyes he scrunched up his face and said he doesn't think he'll be doing that again anytime soon. . . .as a true business consultant he said something like. . . ."I'm not sure I see the value add".  Eeesh!  He completely missed the meditative part of the whole experience!

We landed safe and sound last week and took a few days to settle in and get our bearings.  Allan's treatments are going well.  It was good to get the 1st week behind us.  We celebrated with a nice long walk on the beach Saturday morning and dinner at a local seafood shack with my family on Sunday afternoon.

I'm spending days this week over at Mom's helping with a few things around her house.  She's doing much better on the mobility side of things but she's still feeling pretty frustrated with all the things she still can't do and feeling cooped up in the house.  So we're going out today in search of a local craft shop - the Michaels, JoAnne's, Hobby Lobby option didn't work out.  There's only 2 indie shops left and they're about 30 minutes away but we're going to venture out today to check them out.

Hope all is well with you and that you're heading to the shop tonight.  I miss you like heck - especially today.  But I'm looking forward to being home in a couple of weeks. 

Until then. . . .

P.S.  Two other Zentangle designs.  Sorry for the blurry pictures.


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