Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Scraps Day #11

This is another scraps post for Mona.  We missed you at the shop last night.  Hope you're feeling better.

I made this flower pot (and another just like it) for my neighbors Marilyn and Judy several years ago with scraps of Christmas papers.  Some of the scraps where already small, others I just tore so there were a similar size.  I then decoupaged them on a clay pot that I had base painted and some cute ribbon around the rim.  Lastly I planted a little plant in each.

It still tickles me to this day to walk in Marilyn's kitchen and see the pot sitting on her windowsill.  Just because I'm in a Halloween mood right now, I'm thinking it would be so cute to use scraps of Halloween papers and do the same only put candy in the pot and sit it on my desk at work.  How fun!

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