Monday, June 16, 2014

A Fresh New Year of Life

This newspaper clipping of a panel of an old Rose is Rose comic has been on my bulletin board for about 14 years.  It really reminds me about the need to just close the door on work and chores and get out to see what the day might hold.  Carpe Diem!  

Spent my birthday wallowing around in my craft room and making a few fun things.  Like this door hanger using a blown up version of that comic.  

Used lots of scraps and old stash which made me happy.  The color scheme matches a sign for my craft room that  my brother's family got me for Christmas - I'll post that tomorrow.  (By the way. . . .I've decided it's not a craft room anymore. . .it's a studio!  Sounds so much better don't you think?! )

After a weekend of goofing off and lots of celebration, I'm anxious to start this fresh new year of life.  Fresh day, fresh week, fresh year - whoo hoo!!!

(Thanks Google for my Birthday Day Doodle)

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