Monday, June 9, 2014

Cars and Fathers

I had an inspiration for Father's Day cards this year.  It started with this photo I saw on Pinterest that made me think of Hippy Bob and his love for beautiful cars.  I just loved the graphic nature of this photo.  

I then found this simple sketch on SplitCoastStampers, turned it on it's side, combined it with one of my favorite 6x6 paper packs and came up with a card. 

One father down, two to go :-). . . .

The topic of cars has been swirling in the family as of late.  During our recent trip to New Bern, Allan said his dad was telling him stories about his first really nice car - a 1949 Ford.  I found I cool image on Google and used it on his card.  I loved how the colors in the images worked so well with the patterned papers. I took the time on this card to ink the edges of the image and the sentiment.  I think it really added to the nostalgia of the card.

Two fathers down, one to go. . . .

The most recent car story involved my Dad's beloved Crown Victoria (which the family affectionately calls "Miss Priss").  Dad was driving to work at the school a few weeks ago and another elderly gentleman pulled out in front of him and crushed the front right side of the car.  Thankfully no one was hurt but Dad was devastated.  Miss Priss was his pride and joy.  I'll spare all the details about the fights with the insurance companies involved and just focus on his card.  

I turned to Google once again and found this wonderful image of a 1955 Crown Vic and used that as the focal point on his card.  Cool car, huh?!  Notice I balanced out the card a little on my third attempt and added another strip of striped paper to the right of the center panel.  I liked this version the best.  How about you?  Which version do you think works best?

Here's to my wonderful Dad with hopes that Miss Priss will be back to good soon.
Here's to Hippy Bob and all of his interesting thoughts, feelings and observations about this wonderful world.
Here's to my father-in-law Ernest whose strength and determination inspires me and all who know him.


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