Friday, June 13, 2014

Birthday Hooky

Hi Gal Pals!

Playing hooky on the eve of my birthday and having a grand old time!  Finding more ways to use up some paper scraps.  Made this goofy little container to hold Maddie's treats.  Used my empty Nestle's Quik jar, some 1 inch paper strips and some washi tape.  Messed up some of the seams so I added a little creative deviation with a cute stamp that Val gave me a long time ago.  I kind of like it - and so did Maddie!  OK - he really only liked what was inside but I'm going to take his approval any way I can :-)

Hope you had a good Friday the 13th.  Beware of that full moon tonight. Someone told me today we won't have another full moon on a Friday the 13th until 2049.  What a fun fact to know and tell, huh?!  (Val - no wonder you haven't been able to sleep this week!  That old moon has been playing tricks on you.)

See you back here on the blog next week.

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