Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cricut Man outdid himself!

Check it out!. . . .this is the birthday card Allan made for me.  I was just blown away.  I LOVE IT!  Boy, his card crafting sure has come a long way :-)  Of course the Cricut has something to do with that as the only reason he's even remotely motivated to make a card is just the chance to play with one of the only electronic gadgets used in cardmaking.  He told me he even cut the squares of paper for the matting of the sentimeent and the stars with the Cricut (vs. a papertrimmer).  I can only imagine the fun he must have had.  And I have to say he was really stealthy about it as I didn't have a clue someone had been in my craft room.

And speaking of the craft room, it was a joyful day yesterday.  Spent most of it in the Girl Cave playing with my new toys.  Used several stamp sets for the 1st time.  Made some really cute clean and simple cards which I'll be showcasing this week.  Also got the Father's Day cards done which turned out super cute.  So lots to share.

See ya' soon.

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