Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Blast from the Past

I was sorting through some digital pictures on an old backup drive and found these from one of our old, old, original gal pal get togethers. . . .the dates on the pictures were 2003!!!!  It was a Saturday party I threw at the house for some of the gals from Business Services. . .Faythe, Ann, Maggie, Val. . .can't remember who else.  I remember the project was to make explosion boxes but we also did a little show and tell of some cards Ann had been making - like the cute one above.  I forgot what cute designs she came up with.  Here's a little stroll down memory lane. . . .

Faythe, Ann, Maggie stacking the explosion boxes we made:

Our handmade boxes after the stacking effort:

Faythe and that's Val behind the 12x12 paper shield - silly woman!:

More of Ann's cute cards and from the samples it looks like the party was somewhere close to Easter:

These were the good old days of our office.  So much has changed since.  But I'm forever grateful for the time I got to spend with these wonderful women.  (Think of the song when you read this. . . .) "Thanks for the Memories. . . ."

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