Friday, July 29, 2011

My First Commission

Here's a photo of something I made many years ago for my brother John to give to his wife Nancy for one of their anniversaries.  It was my 1st commission as a "paper artist" and I was so excited to do it. 

He made a CD mix of some music that had special meanings and memories for them so I made a CD cover. I wish I had had the foresight to photograph the inside but unfortunately I didn't. But the inside was a collage of similar papers and a diagonal "sleeve" that formed a pocket to hold the CD. I made a card to match. It's hard to gell from the poor scan quality but the card had a lot of stictching in metallic silver thread - the corner treatment and the outline of the heart. Both the CD cover and the card had metal charms as that was the really big thing in papercrafting several years ago. 

It's almost as funny to look back at my old papercrafting style as it is looking back at old photographs and giggling at the clothes and hair styles.  My Oh My!  How quickly fashion changes.

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