Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Loose Ends

 Remember last week when I said this post got away from me?  Well I thought since we started the week on a red, white and blue theme that I'd finish what I originally intended to post.

In addition to posting the picture of one of the centerpieces for tables at our 4th of July BBQ. . . . .I intended to explain that I made the little stick decorations based on a card pattern from last year.  The card included the invitation to last year's 4th of July BBQ which included the christening of our retaining wall. 

So just tidy up loose ends and make sure my little blog is complete for future posterity :-), I'm posting the rest pics.

The sentiment on the card was actually one I crafted in Word using a bunch of different text boxes and font styles.  It was based off of a Stampin' Up stamp that quite honestly I was just too cheap to buy :-(  And  the torn patterned paper was scraps from another project because I was too lazy to go hunting for new :-(.  Geez!  What a confession!  "Cheap and lazy" all in one post.  Maybe I need to reframe that into something more positive. . . ."thrifty and creative".  There!  I like that much better!!

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