Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday - Hump Day - Scrap Day

I was talking at the shop last night about declaring a theme for blog posts on certain days of the week.  Like dedicating Wednesdays to Mona and the art of using your scraps to make cards.  It's a recent resolution of hers.  Sounds like a good idea, huh?! 

So here's the 1st of the Wednesday / Hump Day / Scraps Day posts.  It's a card I made from some scraps from a Paper Wishes card kit a couple of years ago.  Notice the bottom scrap wasn't quite enough to cover the 5.5 width of the card so I centered it and then aligned the other scrap to math.  I used some scraps to cover the chipboard letters. 

I like the card but the only thing I wish I had done differently was to print the sentiment on the computer or use a rub on.  I just don't like my handwriting and especially on the front of a card.  I know all the scrapbookers say that you should learn to love and preserve your handwriting, which I kind of agree with, but I'm not so sure it applies to cardmaking.  What are your thoughts???

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