Sunday, September 12, 2010

A "Natural" Embellishment

This is a card I made this weekend to send to my family along with our weekly newsletter.  When Allan and I were out hiking in the hills behind the house we passed a nine bark bush that had some really pretty color leaves.  I was hoping I could capture and preserve the beauty of their color by pressing them and covering them with Crystal Effects.  But they lost a lot of the color as they dried and even though the Crystal Effects gave them a nice shiney look and made them safe for using as an embellishment I wish the color was till as vivid as when we picked them.  I did make a 2nd attempt and picked a fresh leaf and put the Crystal Effects on it right away (rather than pressing it first).  The color was better but the leaf wasn't as flat.  Not sure it would make it in the mail.  Maybe I should mail it to myself and see :-)

Looking forward to the Big Reveal Tuesday night.

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