Thursday, September 30, 2010

Starting Time. . . .

Well today's the last day of September and for me that means it's time to start thinking about and planning for the holidays.  This is a card Mona made me for Christmas last year.  We all fell in love with the blue and red of the S.E.I papers.  And the reindeer stamp from Stampin' Up is SO cute.  I may have to do a few of these myself.  I started this Tuesday with the 1st of the Christmas card desgins.  My hope is that each week I'll make 10 of each of the designs I've picked out and by the 1st part of November I'll be done.  Yeah!  Have so many other ideas for handmade gifts this year.  We'll see how many I actually get done.  Maybe booking a couple of days of annual leave in the middle of the week will help. 

Talk to you all next week as I'm leaving for Yellowstone in the morning.  Take care.

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