Monday, May 16, 2011

Ready, Set. . . Go!

Cricut Man was out of town this weekend and in addition to working at commencement I spent a few hours getting my life a little more organized. 

I curled up with a cup of coffee and my DayTimer one morrning and and started taking stock of all the ideas and project notes I've been accumulating.  Found a resolution that I think I've made every year for the last 20 years to start Christmas projects in the summer.  Even though last year I started in October (which was really good for me), it still didn't seem like enough time to get to all the things I wanted to get to. 

So I'm backing it up and little and declaring a start date of JUNE 1st!!!  Which after flipping through my DayTimer I'm realizing is right around the corner!  I guess the lingering cold and late spring we've had has lulled me into thinking it's still April.

Here's where I'm going to start. . . .I have probably 12 old Folgers coffee cans in a shopping bag waiting to be turned into Christmas goodie containers.  This is a prototype I made a few years ago and like so many of my other projects, got pushed to the side to make way for a more urgent project. 

I bought enough paper and stickers at Memory Lane a few years ago to make 10-12 more.  At the time I was going to use them to hold goodies for my team at the office.  A lot has changed since then - specifically I'm working with a whole new team of people in a completely different office - so maybe they'll be the lucky recipients this year.  That is if I can keep this resolution.  6 months and 1 week until Christmas. Ready, Set. . . .Go!

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