Monday, May 9, 2011

National Scrapping Booking Day was a BIG hit!

Hi All,

Back in the drivers seat after a week off from blogging.  Hope everyone is doing fine.  Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night at the shop.  I'll be there for sure this week.

Saturday was the big day!. . . .the National Scrapbooking Day celebration at Memory Lane.  It was great fun.  Classes running from early morning to early evening.  And a really cute Make-n-Take idea which I'll post Wednesday. 

Staci and Debbie were very generous - lots of food and lots of give-aways.  I can't imagine how tired they both were.  I know how tired I was! 

Well I did it!  - taught my very first card class.  The ladies were so very patient with me.  I hope they had a good time.  Everyone did a great job on their cards.  This is the display board that was up at the shop.  It was the "10 From 1" class.  Here's the link to the 1st 2 cards and another link to the rest of the cards - 3 through 10

I was a little nervous as I wasn't sure if I could explain the cuttting instructions well enough. I had an instruction sheet which was probably way too long and then a handout from the Valentines version of this class that we took years and years ago.  I tried to have all the pieces cut and kits assembled ahead of time.  My sweetie helped me get everything in baggies Friday night.  I swear that man never ceases to amaze me sometimes at how supportive he is of all my grand schemes.

I gave everyone in the class a little card with the Gal Pal blog address so they could check out the pictures of the other sets I made with these instructions.  Here's the link again to the Fall version of the cards that I have posted on my Splitcoast gallery. 

In my rush to get to the shop I forgot to bring the Christmas version of the cards :-( so I told them I'd post them on this blog as well.  But I'll do that tomorrow as my morning blog time has run out - gotta get to work - darn it!  Wish I could play in the craft room all day - especially since it's a rainy Monday.  I don't think there's anything more cozy than a rainy day and paper crafting in the girl cave.  Oh well - I guess I'll have something to look forward to in retirement!    

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