Monday, September 26, 2011

Bring Your Punches!!!

Take a look at this project. . . . .

How cute is that!!!!  Let's make a few Tuesday night!  One of Marcia's other downlines forwarded this blog post to our SU team this weekend.  Thank goodness for the sharing spirit.  

I think I have all the punches except for the ornament punch which I think Val has.  Mona - do you have it too?  I'm definitely ordering it now.  After the cute fish idea Debbie showed us a couple of weeks ago (here's a YouTube that's similar) and now this, I just have to have it!  I'm going to order it this week plus the cellophane bags that hold the red vines.  My team mates are just crazy for red vines so this is going to make a really cute gift for them.

Here's the blog with all the instructions and list of punches.  Bring what punches you do have.  I think between the 3 of us we have them all.  But I'll check in with you Monday afternoon to see if we're missing anything.

Happy Monday!

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