Friday, September 2, 2011

In Celebration of Back to School Week

This is the card I sent out on Monday to the family with the weekly newsletter.  Since this week was the first week of school for the University and the other public schools in town, I took the apples I stamped a couple of weeks ago at the shop and combined them with some "school" papers.  Typed out a sentiment on the computer with one of the "Free Font Friday" fonts called CK Curley.  I liked how the card turned out - especially the red and lime green color combination - although it didn't photograph very well.

We cap off this first week of school today with WelcomeFeast out on the Oval.  Free hot dogs for everyone.  And looks like we'll be having a Rocky Mountain Blue Sky day for the festivities.  Should be fun and a great way to start the Labor Day weekend. 

Have a great one.  See you next week.

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