Thursday, September 22, 2011

This Year's Gift Card Holder

One other Christmas project coming up is to get some gift card holders made. Cricut Man usually gives his nieces and nephew a gift card for Christmas. Since we've been together I've tried to do something a little crafty to deliver them in. Last year I made these little gift bags/boxes. This year I think I'm going to go back to an old pattern I used years ago. It's kind of a tri-fold holder with fold out flaps. I thought putting the gift card in the center and maybe some old pictures of them or of winter in Montana on the top and bottom flaps would be neat.

Here's some pictures of the last one I made like this (for a very special Gal Pal to thank her for her generosity :-) ).  You can see it has a band around the outside that holds it all together when it's folded up.  Until I stumbled on these pictures, I kind of forgot how cute it was.

Hope you have a good day.  Today is my Friday sort of - will be taking off work tomorrow to take care of Cricut Man.  So I'm not sure if I'll be posting tomorrow.  If not, hope you all have a great end of the week and a good weekend.

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