Friday, July 20, 2012

Paper Wishes Kits and Scraps

I'm back to digging in my stash and came across an unfinished card kit from Paper Wishes.  One of about 15 I'm ashamed to say!  So I made the shape card.  The kits typically have a shape card in each kit and I have to tell you I'm not a huge fan of shape cards.  Typically because they use some hokey clip art or they never really feel solid in your hand because the cutting of the shape seems to make the card flimsy. 

But with all that said, I really liked how this one turned out.  I'm probably going to send it to Noah, Allan's grandson, for Christmas.  Just thought it would look cut on a counter or shelf or dresser.

And then because I had some patterned paper and clip art left - one of the really nice benefits of the card kits - I made this card from the scraps and a few old, old supplies in my stash. . . leftover snowflake Dazzles, a snowflake eyelet and some fibers I think I bought at Angie's place almost 10 years ago!

That's one way of appeasing my guilt for the cost of the card kits.  They give you the supplies and patterns for 10 cards with each kit but I typically can get another 6-10 cards from all the scraps.  That makes it a real bargain, huh?!  :-)

Hope you enjoyed scraps week.  Have a great weekend and I'll see ya' Monday.

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