Friday, July 6, 2012

Unlikely Inspiration

Today's card is truly an inspiration card that just proves inspiration can come from just about anywhere. 

I was shopping at CJ Banks on my birthday and just LOVED!, loved, loved the colors and design on their shopping bags and tissue stickers.

I searched through my cardstock and stamps and found some close matches.  I figured out a good size for the circles and strips of paper and thought bright white embossing powder for the stamp would be great.  But after making the 1st card I ran into a big snag. . . .no matter what I did I kept getting extra embossing powder on the paper that would NOT rub off.  I tried with and without the embossing buddy, tried it with Versamark and with pigment ink but nothing would reliably fix the problem.  I'd get 2 good ones and then 3 or 4 bad ones.  I ruined all the blue cardstock I had.  Man! was I mad!!

So I took my project to Memory Lane Tuesday night and talked to Val and Staci.  They had a few suggestions but were as stumped as I was.  The only thing that we could think of is that my embossing powder was either old or somehow corrupted. 
So I bought 2 different kinds of white embossing powder (in addition to finding more blue paper that was a good match).  I rushed home and tried again. . . .and sure enough I was getting a clean image every time. 

Then I just had to try the old one again to make sure it wasn't something weird like humidity in the craft room the 1st day I was trying or dirty fingers or as Val thought. . .some sort of weird finish on the cardstock I was originally using.  And the old embossing powder produced the same bad results - powder all over the place.

And there you have it. . . .it looks like embossing powder CAN get old.  [And just I was wrote this I popped out on to Google and sure enough. . .there's tons of forum posts about similar problems and confirmations that the melting ingredient in the embossing powder can fade and lose it's sticky ability.]
I'm going to go ahead and send the ones I made on the 1st attempt to the family for their weekly card this week.  They all love me and will understand if the cards are less than perfect.  But I will make another 1/2 dozen of the same design to keep in my Thank You card stash.  Can never had enough gratitude in your life ;-). 

Take care and have a great weekend!  See you back here on Monday.

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  1. Oh how fabulous!!!!! Love how you had a big, scripty sentiment to counter-balance the graphic straight lines of the background...that's great design!

    Glad you got some new EP. I might need to get some new white EP, too, as it's starting to get ornery on me, but it is at least ten years old, so it's served me well. Did you know that gold and silver EP can tarnish? Wondered why my gold EP turned brown a few years ago. Ugg!