Monday, May 6, 2013

Celebrating Cricut Man

Today is the BIG day - the last day of Cricut Man's treatment!!!  

We are both so happy.  Happy that he found University of Florida's Proton Therapy Institute (UFPTI).  Happy that he weathered the treatments with little or no side effects.  Happy they have a 99% cure rate for their last 5-year cohort of patients studied.  Happy for the time spent in Jacksonville which made seeing all of our families possible.  And last but certainly not least. . . . .Happy we're coming home Wednesday!!

So in honor of Cricut Man, today's post is a paper craft project he did last August for Noah's birthday.  We found out then that Noah was loving the British cartoon "Mike the Knight" and that was the theme of his 3rd birthday celebration.  

Allan found a picture on the web that he printed out and we Mod Podge'd it to chip board pieces to make a puzzle.  I'm not sure if you knew this but Circut Man loves Mod Podge almost as much as he loves his Cricut Machine.

The puzzle turned out so cute that we just had to make a paper box to put it in - complete with a lid that shows the finished puzzle.  We heard that Noah loved it and his Mom & Dad were very, very touched by such a special gift.

I was touched too, as I am now, by just how very lucky and happy I am to have Cricut Man in my life.  

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