Thursday, May 2, 2013

Just a Note

Rainy day here in Florida.  What's it like in Missoula?  Can't wait to find out! - only 6 more days!!!  

I've got all my list making done and now it's just a matter of sticking to it.  Cricut Man went to the post office and UPS store yesterday and got the boxes we'll need to send stuff home.  We'll pack Sunday afternoon and get it all in the mail Monday and Tuesday.  

My brother Danny is coming in Monday night and will stay with Mom & Dad for a couple of weeks helping out.  It makes my heart feel good in a number of ways to have him here.  Not only is he an incredibly hard worker, he's a "good energy" person and has a big heart full of love.

Still posting some old cards from the family newsletters last year.  Can't believe there were so many I didn't share with my Gal Pals.  This one uses one of my favorite paper packs from Memory Lane.  It's the one that has all kraft papers with various printed designs.  It comes in brown print and black print.  I'm pretty sure I bought both - just can't decide which one I like best.

The stamp of the envelope full of hearts is an old beat up stamp my neighbor gave me when she abandoned stamping for quilting and subsequently donated all her craft supplies to my Coastal Craft Room.  Lucky me!  I added a computer sentiment which worked out nicely.  But looking a little more closely at this picture I sure wish I would have sponged or inked the edges of the tag - it would have looked a little more finished.  

But my favorite part of this card is the notebook paper border punch.  I love, love, love that punch!, don't you?  I need some additional Pinterest inspiration for that one for sure.

Well I better sign off for now and get to work.  Have a good one.

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