Friday, May 3, 2013

Showers and Flowers

It's still raining!  All day yesterday and more today and tomorrow.  Looks like Mother Nature might take away the weekend walks on the beach I had planned for my last weekend here.  I just might have to play hooky from "work" on Monday and Tuesday as sunny skies are in the forecast before we leave.

One last doctor's appointment for Mom today.  My heart is kind of breaking for her right now.  On top of everything she's dealing with on the mobility and recovery side of things, she found out at the dentist that she's got to have a tooth pulled and 3 more filled.  All she could say as we left the dentist's office was "Man! getting old stinks!" 

So I'm posting this card for her in case she's reading the blog.  It's the one she and I made this summer when she was in Missoula.  The Olympics were happening during that time and we decided to stamp a flower in the colors of the 5 rings with a sentiment about being the best and matting in USA red, white and blue.

Mom - I hope the flowers will brighten this rainy day and remind you that in this Olympics of Life you are Simply The Best!

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