Thursday, April 14, 2011

All Things Trees

Was telling someone yesterday that I count on my pine trees for comfort.  When I'm weary they just seem to have a way of soothing and calming me.  I spent a lot of  my time as a child in a big mulberry tree in my backyard.  That tree always felt like home to me.  And when I was a teenager  there was a big majestic oak tree in a cotton field behind our neighbor hood that I would run to for comfort.  I just love trees - everything about trees.  Of course the leaves in fall and now the excitement of watching the buds emerge in spring.  I find myself this week checking my burning bush and ninebarks every day to see the progress the buds are making. 

I thought of all these things this morning because I was reading the SU news posting on the demonstrator page and noticed that the released some new digital content for My Design Studio and one of the new brush sets (stamp sets) that went digital is one of my favorites - "Lovely As a Tree".  Click here for the pdf with all the new content.

I have this stamp set in wood so at first I wasn't sure I would get it digitally but then I got to thinking about how cool it would be to incorporate some of the images into my journal.  And also thought about how it might help with mass producing cards for the holidays.  Also thought the digital images would really lend themselves to chalking.  I've seen lots of samples on SCS where they've chalked these images and they're just beautiful.  Will have to think about it a little more.

Well I guess I've rambled enough.  Sorry for the long post.  Hope you enjoy Mona's beautiful card.  Kind of my homage to the trees.  She worked wonders with that embossed leaf die and love, love, love the 2 step stamping technique she did for the background (or is that patterned paper?)  Mabye she'll tell us?!  Stay tuned or watch for comments to this post ;-)

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