Monday, April 25, 2011

Because I Care

Just an update on our recent SU order.  I checked status this morning and it should ship this afternoon which means it will be here Wednesday.  We were entitled to a hostess set and $15 of goodies so here's the 1st of the 2 shared items I picked for us.  Hope you're not disappointed.

It's a hostess set called "Because I Care".  Thought it was really beautiful.  Here's a couple of cards from the Splitcoast gallery.

Val is up for trying to come to the shop tomorrow night.  She may even have some driving privileges.  She was supposed to go to the doctor last week I think.  But I told her we'll call and check in on her in the morning and if she is still restricted from driving she'd like to take you up on your offer to pick her up after you get off work.  I can then take her home as it's on my way.

Take care and HAPPY MONDAY!

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