Thursday, January 20, 2011

GPS#3 - The Big Reveal

Here they all are!  The results of the Gal Pal Sketch Challenge # 3. (Click here to see the sketch).  Mona really went all out for this sketch.  In fact 7 of the 8 cards are hers and they were all fantastic.  So here's some closeups.. . .

I LOVED! this one.  She stamped the butterflies, colored them with chalk, glazed them with Crystal Effects and then cut them out.  For the antennae (?sp?) she used heavy duty thread which she waxed for additional stiffness.  So beautiful!

This next one was Stacy's favorite - she really loves the black, white and red color combo. I loved the embossing folder on this one. And I'm thinking about CASE'ing this card, replacing the buttons with red hearts for my valentines card to my sweetie.

This soft and subtle card used a technique we saw on the sketch site where you used a larger image and then just stamped a portion of it for the 3 embellishments. I loved how she twisted the 3 embellishments for another flavor of the design.

Next to the butterflies, these 2 were my favorites. LOVE! Love! the stamped tickets. Mona was telling us it was part of a kit and then she substituted different small stamps from her stash to make for the 3 birthday themed sentiments. Also love that cupcake stamp. She's used that on other cards and it never fails to impress.

These next 2 were really fun. Clever use the natural fiber paper and wood embossing folder. Matches perfectly with the paper and the buttons from a set she said she picked up long ago.

And bringing up the rear of this show-and-tell is my one lonely contribution.

I had a good excuse I think as to why I didn't have a few more variations. . . .Saturday afternoon I got a call from Marcia about becoming a Stampin' Up demonstrator.  I was cautiously excited as this is something I've considered before but have always been fearful of the pressure and committment.  I spent Saturday evening and a good part of Sunday looking over all the material before making my final decision.  Once I did then I spent  part of Monday meeting with Marcia to go over all the details.  So it was Monday evening before I found some time to give to the challenge.  Just one more example of why I shouldn't procrastinate in the first place. But since these challenges are just for fun it doesn't mean Val and I can't submit a few after the deadline.  Val was under the weather and wasn't able to participate in this challenge but I know she's going to be on the mend soon and feeling a litttle more energy for playing with the paper.

So THANK YOU Mona for single-handedly making GPS#3 a BIG success!

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