Sunday, January 16, 2011

Valentines Week

OK Gal Pals - this week is Valentines week.  Here's the 1st card to kick it off.  It's another oldie but goodie from one of Jen's card classes.  This was back in the day when metal was big.  Kind of funny to see the eyelets holding the sentiment.  Is anyone using eyelets anymore?  Maybe we just all needed some piece and quiet in our lives and grew tired of the punching and setting.  I know there were a couple of supposed silent setting tools but I could never get them to work.  Could you?

Also love the little metal hearts.  They were nice and flat and stuck easy with a glue dot.  The simplicity of this card really appeals to me.  And the design principle of doing things in "three's" is really apparent here.

Tomorrow's the Big Reveal for  GPS #3.  Can't wait!  See ya' then.

P.S.  I did get it in my DayTimer but thought you might want to make note too. . . .
No crafting February 1st. as Memory Lane will be closed while Debbie and Stacy are at the big Craft & Hobby Association show in L.A.

But I vote for going out for a quick bite and some Gal Pal talk after work to
celebrate Mona's birthday

Whadda' Ya' Think?

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