Thursday, January 13, 2011

We interrupt this broadcast. . .

. . .to bring you this special bulletin. . . . .

I was catching up on e-mail this morning and reading my Circut Newsletter.  I almost deleted it without reading but now I'm so glad I didn't.  Down in the Q&A section they had this wonderful link to a cheat sheet for all the "sandwich" formulas you'd ever need for the Cuttlebug.  Here's the link:  Sandwich Stack

I guess for our "Queen of Everything" it might not be valuable as she has most of the die cutting and embossing machines :-).  But for the paupers of the kingdom who only have the Cuttlebug I thought this was a really nice, all inclusive reference guide.

We'll return you to our regular scheduled programming tomorrow.  Have a great day.

P.S.  Mona - stumbled on this ladie's blog who apparently is the Queen of sponging and masking.  Since we were talking about your beautiful Peace-Hope-Joy card, i thought you might be interested in her blog her blog.  here's a sample of one her cards.  And she's got a video on how she did this.

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