Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lessons Learned

When I found this old Valentines card it really struck me about how much I've learned - most of the time learned the hard way - about adhesives. 

For this card I tried to mimic something I saw in a Card Creations magazine.  I took craft wire and twisted it into hearts.  But then I couldn't figure out how to get the hearts on the card.  So I took hot glue and glued them in the center.  Now you can imagine how ugly that looked so I covered up the glue with Stickles.  Hindsight 20-20 I probably should have sewn it on the card.  (Not even sure if tiny glue dots would have worked. . . .did they even have those back then?) 

If you double-click on the picture you can get a closer view of the mess I made.  Also notice another oldie-but-goodie stash item - the mulberry paper.  Since I still have the card in my stash you can tell I was too embarassed to send it.  It's kind of a nice reminder of how much I've learned so maybe it will stay in my stash just for that reason.

I've got one more embarassing one coming up . . . so stay tuned!

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