Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Look Back

By the time you all are reading this post I'll be in the air heading back to Jacksonville.  It will then be exactly 2 weeks away from coming back home for good.  Can't wait!  

Looking back on this trip home, it was much more restorative in some ways than the last trip.  Had lots of alone time to just breathe which was good.  But kept fighting a few restless feelings which I think were more about just being ready to have Allan home with me and back to our routine.  Soon I know.  As folk singer Dave Wilcox says in one of his songs. . . 
"Someday Soon made a promise I will follow
Someday Soon is why I try"

So while I was at home and piddling in the craft room I saw these cute little friends that Mona gave me last trip sitting and smiling at me.  Aren't they adorable?!  Thanks Mona for including me and Val as part of the "kids" in your life and making these for us.  You're the best!

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