Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sunshine State

I off to the Sunshine State again.  Had a good time catching up with you, Staci and Betty at the shop last night.  Sorry to hear you both are feeling a little on the puny side.  I hope it all passes soon.  I'll be sure to keeping sending you sunshine vibes while I'm gone.

This is a card I made for the family right before we left last month.  I was in a hurry with no time for stamping or playing with paper so I turned to my stash of Doodlebat fonts and found this really cute one.  It's called CK Summer Day.  Check out the other fun images. . . .

If you don't already, check out the Free Font Friday link on the Creating Keepsake web site.  That's where I got this one and many others.  They really come in handy!  

Have a sunshiny day today :-)

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