Thursday, April 11, 2013

Unlock the Birthday Fun

Update:  I ended up giving this card to Mom.  She's so silly about her birthday that I thought the "birthday fun" message suited her more.  Sorry Aunt Shirl'.  But hope you enjoyed the "Happy B'day" card from this post just as much.

Aunt Shirley - the aunt who makes the crochet flowers - is having a birthday next Thursday.  I need to get her card in the mail soon so I used one of the patterns out of the Paper Wishes kit I have with me.  The kit featured collage papers.  Aren't they kind of cool?

I followed the pattern exactly this time and even did the inside of the card. . .

Sorry the photography is so bad.  The lighting in the apartment at night is really bad.  Cricut Man was even making fun of me as I had to use wine bottle to prop up my backdrop and use the microwave light for the spot light.  Sure do wish I was home in the craft room :-(

Had a rough day yesterday.  Just really restless and out of sorts.  Nothing major and I shouldn't even complain as things are going so well with Allan and with Mom.  But it just seemed so hard to feel "normal" or feel comfortable.  We haven't been sleeping too well and I haven't been able to focus fully on work.  I can't even seem to find any mojo for any of the "special projects" I brought with me or calm my mind enough to read a good book.  Okay - enough of that!  I need to just get over myself and start today fresh!

Here's to "fresh starts"!!.  Hope you have a good one today.

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