Wednesday, April 10, 2013


This photo card from last fall makes me a little homesick.  We took a walk in the woods at the Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge one Sunday afternoon.  Can you see our shadows waving "Hello"?

Spent the afternoon and evening with Mom.  No craft day for us though.  Instead I cleaned out and reorganized the frig and pantry.  We're trying to arrange the kitchen so that she can safely reach most everything and get back to cooking and doing more things on her own.  We made good progress but there's a little more to do so we'll finish up on Thursday.  

We're also going to make a trip over to the rehab hospital Thursday afternoon to see some of the nurses and staff that took care of her back in January.  She's really looking forward to that and so am I.  Can't believe how far we've all come in just the first 100 days of 2013.

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